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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to The 17 Day Diet Diva Blog!

On Feb. 8th I started a diet I kept seeing promoted on "The Doctors" and on "Dr. Phil."  It's called The 17 Day Diet.  In a very basic synopsis, the diet is based on the concept of "body confusion;" by changing the way you eat every 17 days, your metabolism becomes confused and stops forcing itself into survival mode where it stores calories as fat.  As a result, the diet is supposed to resist weight loss plateaus, and the weight loss for the first 17 day cycle is supposed to be significant.  Dr. Mike Moreno, the diet creator, also says that recent studies show that rapid weight loss if done correctly is not harmful and in fact people tend to lose more weight and keep it off better when they experience a significant loss at the start of a diet.   I should mention that I have no connection whatsoever with The 17 Day Diet and/or its creator.  I'm just someone who has tried it, and so far it's working great for me so I thought I'd share.

Since I've struggled with my weight off and on since I've been an adult, and I've tried so many diets that haven't really worked for me (no matter how hard I work at it I'm lucky if I lose one lb per week)  I decided to give this one a try since the concept just made sense to me.  My problem is an extremely slow metabolism, so I figured that if this diet can help speed it up, then it might be worth a try.   So I started the diet on February 18th, and imagine my surprise when 10 days later I had lost10 lbs!  An average of  a pound per day??!   I couldn't believe it!   Feb. 25th, was the end of the first 17 day cycle and I weighed in at a 14 lb loss!  I have NEVER lost weight like that in my entire life.  I remember the time my friend and I started Weight Watchers together; the first week she and her husband were enjoying pizza and she was doing all kinds of cheating, while I stuck strictly to the diet and even walked the 6 miles home from work a couple of days that week.  When we went to the first weigh-in, she had lost 3 lbs.  I had lost 1!!  It was sooo traumatizing and humiliating...

So apparently with this 17 Day Diet I found something that actually works for me and I was so excited about it I started talking about it on my blog.  The only problem was my blog was a fashion blog for my online handbag and accessories store, Savvy Chic Bags www.scbags.com   I started posting recipes on Facebook and I started getting a lot of questions about my diet and I started referring them to my blog.  Even though I consider weight loss to be "the ultimate fashion accessory", it just seemed odd to post about weight loss on a fashion blog, so I decided to create The 17 Day Diet Diva blog instead.  

I'm going to copy the posts from the Savvy Chic Bags blog to this one, and then continue on from here.  I will be posting my progress on my journey daily along with recipes and diet info for anyone who wants to follow this journey with me. I also recently joined the Facebook "Black Women Do Work Out" page and I love it!  It's an online community of phenomenal women who are willing to share their diet and exercise tips with others, and I am so grateful to my FB friend Nina Weldon who told me about them!  I'm hoping some of these women will share on this blog as well, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.  I wanted to share this journey because I was so thrilled that the diet seems to be working for me, and I felt that if I blogged about it maybe I could help someone else to achieve their weight loss goals too.

Good luck and lots of success to us all on this journey!

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  1. thankyou for this! very cool..im starting tomorrow! cooking a whole bunch of things tonight to prepare for tomorrow. wishing you well